Laptop Keyboard Replacement

Do you need a new laptop keyboard replacement? Are some of your key missing?
We can help to replace the keyboard at an affordable price.


New Laptop Keyboard is needed if your laptop keyboard is not
working. If your keys are falling off your laptop keyboard or if they


One of the most common laptop keyboard problem is liquid spill on the
keyboard. Other problems is when the keys are damaged or a bad connection
between the laptop keyboard and the motherboard. 

In this case, we will replace or repair your laptop keyboard in either
situation. With the keyboard replacement we also clean the laptop air system to
ensure proper ventilation.


keyboard replacement


We recommend a new laptop keyboard if:

  • when one or more keys on your laptop are not working
  • one or more keys on your laptop are stuck
  • one or more keys on your laptop have broken off
  • liquid damage
  • ware and tare on the keys

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