Laptop repairs are far cheaper than replacing the whole devise. If you are in doubt if its worth repairing, our free assessment is just for you. Let us assess your device before you buy a new laptop for free. We will do a full free assessment of your laptop and give a report on the cost effective repair or replacement of parts.

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Nationwide courier service for collection and delivery are cheaper than driving and save you time also. Most computer companies charge R250 to R650 for a fault report. We do a Free assessment and let you decide.

What we test

Our testing of all computers includes comparison testing of performance and ease of use. Where a monitor is an integrated part of the computer, such as with all-in-one desktops and laptops, we also take into account an expert evaluation of the display screen. Laptop testing also includes battery life testing.

  • Performance testing includes benchmarking each computer using a variety of software tools. These measure various aspects of CPU performance, memory performance and memory bandwidth, video performance, 3D graphics and storage speed. The benchmarking software is designed to measure performance under a variety of simulated workloads.
  • Ease of use evaluation includes an expert assessment of connectors, design flaws and advantages, supplied security hardware and software, if any, along with the format and scope of any built-in help, support documentation and manuals, plus general design features and overall style. Where applicable we also assess the supplied keyboard and mouse/trackpad or other pointing device. All performance testing and ease of use evaluation is conducted under the computer’s native operating system.
  • Battery life testing for laptops starts with each battery conditioned to achieve optimum life, then tested under a heavy-usage scenario with the power management features set to maximum performance and screen brightness to 100%, with Wi-Fi turned on and connected to a network.
  • Display evaluation takes into account colour, brightness/contrast, glare and surface reflections, horizontal/vertical angles of view with reference still images, plus Blu-ray video playback.
  • Wi-Fi testing We connect each laptop exclusively to our test lab wireless router, then wirelessly transfer a set of test files from our NAS device, timing this over three runs to establish consistency and averaging the final score in megabytes per second (MBps). All devices are restarted before testing and drivers updated to latest versions.
  • Temperature testing for laptops. Whether on your lap or held in the hand, a device should be comfortable to use and this includes temperature. We measure the temperature of the hottest part of the underside of each laptop to see if it gets uncomfortably hot after sustained heavy usage on battery only. We consider 44 degrees the maximum acceptable comfort threshold. This test doesn’t contribute to the overall score.
  • Energy usage We measure power consumption in active use and on standby, calculating an annual cost based on an average use scenario applicable for that category, costed at current rates.
  • Sound evaluation testing using the computer’s inbuilt speakers is done by an in-house expert who evaluates the quality compared to similar devices.
  • Tablet use assessment is for 2-in-1s and tablets with detachable keyboard only. This testing takes into account how the device performs as a tablet (without keyboard) rather than as a laptop. In addition to the same CPU, graphics, storage, and Wi-Fi tests used for laptops we also consider form factor (45%), display screen (40%), and battery life (15%) from a tablet-user point of view. This score does not contribute to the overall score as non-convertible laptops are not included. Some devices may score better as tablets than laptops and vice-versa.

All included in this fee assessment.