2L-5202U 2L-5202U-ATEN-2L-5202U-672792151569-Accessories | Laptop Mechanic

2L-5202U 2L-5202U

KVM CABLE FOR CS-1708;CS-1716;CS-1742;CS-1744;CL-1..

R317 Ex Tax: R276

2L-5302U 2L-5302U-ATEN-2L-5302U-471042377240-Accessories | Laptop Mechanic

2L-5302U 2L-5302U

ATEN 1.8M USB KVM Cable with 3 in 1 SPHD and Audio..

R511 Ex Tax: R444

2L-5303U 2L-5303U-ATEN-2L-5303U-471042377250-Accessories | Laptop Mechanic

2L-5303U 2L-5303U

ATEN 3M USB KVM Cable w/ Audio - SPHD15 & Audio to VGA; USB & Audio. (Speaker & MIC support)...

R621 Ex Tax: R540

2L-7D02DH 2L-7D02DH-ATEN-2L-7D02DH-471926464564-Accessories | Laptop Mechanic

2L-7D02DH 2L-7D02DH

1.8m USB HDMI to DVI-D KVM cable with Audio..

R1,101 Ex Tax: R957

2L-7D02UDPX5 2L-7D02UDPX5-ATEN-2L-7D02UDPX5-672792009105-Accessories | Laptop Mechanic

2L-7D02UDPX5 2L-7D02UDPX5

ATEN 1.8M Dual Display DisplayPort Secure KVM Cable Kit..

R1,075 Ex Tax: R935

2L-7D02UDX3 2L-7D02UDX3-ATEN-2L-7D02UDX3-672792009068-Accessories | Laptop Mechanic

2L-7D02UDX3 2L-7D02UDX3

ATEN 1.8M USB DVI-D Dual Link Dual Display Secure KVM Cable Kit..

R1,075 Ex Tax: R935

CE600 CE600-ATEN-CE600-471042377408-Accessories | Laptop Mechanic

CE600 CE600

ATEN USB DVI Single Link Console Extender with Audio/Serial Support up to 60M - TAA Compliant / Au..

R7,337 Ex Tax: R6,380

CE604 CE604-ATEN-CE604-471926464002-Accessories | Laptop Mechanic

CE604 CE604

ATEN USB DVI Dual View KVM Extender / Cat 5 KVM Extender/W/(US/EU/UK/OUT) ADP..

R11,739 Ex Tax: R10,208

CE610A CE610A-ATEN-CE610A-471926464512-Accessories | Laptop Mechanic

CE610A CE610A

ATEN USB 2.0 DVI HDBaseT KVM Extender EX.USB/W/(US/EU/OUT) ADP. ATEN (100m)...

R19,690 Ex Tax: R17,122

CL1000M CL1000M-ATA-AX-ATEN-CL1000M-ATA-AX-471926464246-Accessories | Laptop Mechanic

CL1000M CL1000M-ATA-AX


R15,811 Ex Tax: R13,749

CL5716N CL5716N-ATEN-CL5716N-Accessories | Laptop Mechanic

CL5716N CL5716N

ATEN 16-Port 19'' VGA LCD Integrated USB/PS2 Combo KVM with an Extra Console port and USB peripheral..

R37,024 Ex Tax: R32,195

CM1284 CM1284-ATEN-CM1284-471926464750-Accessories | Laptop Mechanic

CM1284 CM1284

ATEN 4-Port USB HDMI Multi-View KVMP Switch. (inlc. cables & Rack kit)..

R38,911 Ex Tax: R33,836

CN9950 CN9950-ATEN-CN9950-Accessories | Laptop Mechanic

CN9950 CN9950

1-Local/Remote Share Access Single Port 4K DisplayPort KVM over IP Switch..

R19,725 Ex Tax: R17,152

CS1764A CS1764A-ATEN-CS1764A-Accessories | Laptop Mechanic

CS1764A CS1764A

4-Port USB2.0 DVI/Audio KVMP Switch/W/(US/EU/OUT) ADP. ATEN; Cables Included..

R6,084 Ex Tax: R5,290

CS1912 CS1912-ATEN-CS1912-471926464503-Accessories | Laptop Mechanic

CS1912 CS1912

ATEN 2-port USB 3.0 DisplayPort Audio KVMP Switch support up to 3840x2160@30Hz W/(US/EU/OUT) CORD..

R4,700 Ex Tax: R4,087

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