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If you're in need of a replacement laptop charger or adapter, look no further! We offer high-quality chargers and adapters for a wide range of top brand-name laptops. Don't let a faulty charger keep you from staying powered up on the go. Shop our selection of replacement laptop chargers and adapters today!

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Acer-Charger-AC1215ACET-2-Acer-AC1215ACET-2-AC1215ACET-2-Laptop Chargers | Laptop Mechanic


Replacement AC Adaptor -12V - 1.5A - 18W - Black Colour and Tip Size - 40-Pin flat Compatible Model ..

R828 Ex Tax: R720

Acer-Charger-AC19342ACE-Acer-AC19342ACE-AC19342ACE-Laptop Chargers | Laptop Mechanic


Replacement AC Adaptor -19V - 3.42A - 65W - Black Colour and Tip Size - 5.5mm/1.7mm Compatible Model..

R339 Ex Tax: R295

Acer-Charger-AC19474ACE-Acer-AC19474ACE-AC19474ACE-Laptop Chargers | Laptop Mechanic


Replacement AC Adaptor -19V - 4.74A - 90W - Black Colour and Tip Size - 5.5mm/1.7mm Compatible Model..

R366 Ex Tax: R318

Acer-Charger-AC195308AS-Acer-AC195308AS-AC195308AS-Laptop Chargers | Laptop Mechanic


Replacement AC Adaptor -19.5V - 3.08A - 60W - Black Colour and Tip Size - 3.0mm/1.0mm Compatible Mod..

R350 Ex Tax: R304

Acer-Charger-AC195923ACE_ORG-Acer-AC195923ACE_ORG-AC195923ACE_ORG-Laptop Chargers | Laptop Mechanic


Replacement AC Adaptor -19.5VVolts 9.23A Ampere 180W Watts Black Colour and Tip Size5.5mm/1.7mm P/N ..

R919 Ex Tax: R799

Acer-Charger-AC1971ACE_ORG-Acer-AC1971ACE_ORG-AC1971ACE_ORG-Laptop Chargers | Laptop Mechanic


Replacement AC Adaptor -19V - 7.1A - 135W - Black Colour and Tip Size - 5.5mm/1.7mm Compatible Model..

R879 Ex Tax: R764

ACER-OEM Battery-AC13C34-ACER-AC13C34-AC13C34-Laptop Chargers | Laptop Mechanic

ACER-OEM Battery-AC13C34

AC13C34 Laptop Battery For Acer Aspire V5-122P V5-132 E3-111 E3-112 ES1-111M MS237 KT.00303.005 11.4..

R2,251 Ex Tax: R1,957

Acer-OEM Battery-AC14B13J-Acer-AC14B13J-AC14B13J-Laptop Chargers | Laptop Mechanic

Acer-OEM Battery-AC14B13J

AC14B18J AC14B13J Laptop Battery for Acer Aspire ES1-511 ES1-512 V3-111P CB3-531 311 TravelMate B115..

R2,268 Ex Tax: R1,972

ACER-OEM Battery-AC14B3K-ACER-AC14B3K-AC14B3K-Laptop Chargers | Laptop Mechanic

ACER-OEM Battery-AC14B3K

AC14B3K Laptop Battery For Acer Aspire R5-571T R5-571TG S14 CB3-511 Swift 3 SF314-51 R 11 R3-131T S1..

R2,251 Ex Tax: R1,957

ACER-OEM Battery-AC14B7K-ACER-AC14B7K-AC14B7K-Laptop Chargers | Laptop Mechanic

ACER-OEM Battery-AC14B7K

New AC14B7K Laptop Battery For Acer Spin 5 SP515-51GN Swift SF314-52 For Acer Nitro 5 AN515-42 15.28..

R2,384 Ex Tax: R2,073

ACER-OEM Battery-AC14B8K-ACER-AC14B8K-AC14B8K-Laptop Chargers | Laptop Mechanic

ACER-OEM Battery-AC14B8K

48WH AC14B8K Battery For Acer Aspire CB3-111 CB5-311 ES1-511 ES1-512 ES1-520 S1-521 ES1-531ES1-731 E..

R2,251 Ex Tax: R1,957

Asus-Charger-AC123AS-Asus-AC123AS-AC123AS-Laptop Chargers | Laptop Mechanic


Replacement AC Adaptor -12V - 3A - 36W - Black Colour and Tip Size - 4.8mm/1.7mm Compatible Model nu..

R329 Ex Tax: R286

Asus-Charger-AC1512AS-Asus-AC1512AS-AC1512AS-Laptop Chargers | Laptop Mechanic


ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF300T TF101G - 15V - 1.2A - 18WCompatible Model numberCompatible Part numb..

R380 Ex Tax: R330

Asus-Charger-AC1512AS_ORG-Asus-AC1512AS_ORG-AC1512AS_ORG-Laptop Chargers | Laptop Mechanic


Replacement AC Adaptor -15V - 1.2A - 18W - Black Colour and Tip Size - Flat 40-Pin Compatible Model ..

R455 Ex Tax: R396

Asus-Charger-AC19175AS-Asus-AC19175AS-AC19175AS-Laptop Chargers | Laptop Mechanic


Replacement AC Adaptor -19V - 1.75A - 33W - Black Colour and Tip Size - USB Micro-A Compatible Model..

R561 Ex Tax: R488

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