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100-100000059WOF 100-100000059WOF-AMD-100-100000059WOF-Desktops | Laptop Mechanic

100-100000059WOF 100-100000059WOF

AMD Ryzen 9 5950x 7nm SKT AM4 CPU; 16 Core/32 Thread Base Clock 3.4GHz; Max Boost Clock 4.9GHz ;72 M..

R11,034 Ex Tax: R9,595

100-100000063WOF 100-100000063WOF-AMD-100-100000063WOF-Desktops | Laptop Mechanic

100-100000063WOF 100-100000063WOF

AMD Ryzen 7 5800x 7nm SKT AM4 CPU; 8 Core/16 Thread Base Clock 3.8GHz; Max Boost Clock 4.7GHz ;36 MB..

R4,637 Ex Tax: R4,032

100-100000065BOX 100-100000065BOX-AMD-100-100000065BOX-Desktops | Laptop Mechanic

100-100000065BOX 100-100000065BOX

AMD Ryzen 5 5600x 7nm SKT AM4 CPU; 6 Core/12 Thread Base Clock 3.7GHz; Max Boost Clock 4.6GHz 35 MB ..

R4,010 Ex Tax: R3,487

100-100000252BOX 100-100000252BOX-AMD-100-100000252BOX-Desktops | Laptop Mechanic

100-100000252BOX 100-100000252BOX

AMD CPU Desktop Ryzen 5 6C/12T 5600G (4.4GHz; 19MB;65W;AM4) box with Wraith Stealth Cooler and Radeo..

R3,503 Ex Tax: R3,046

100-100000263BOX 100-100000263BOX-AMD-100-100000263BOX-Desktops | Laptop Mechanic

100-100000263BOX 100-100000263BOX

AMD CPU Desktop Ryzen 7 8C/16T 5700G (4.6GHz; 20MB;65W;AM4) box; with Wraith Stealth Cooler and Rade..

R5,149 Ex Tax: R4,477

100-100000457BOX 100-100000457BOX-AMD-100-100000457BOX-Desktops | Laptop Mechanic

100-100000457BOX 100-100000457BOX

AMD RYZEN 5 5500 7nm SKT AM4 CPU; 6 Core/12 Thread Base Clock 3.6GHz; Max Boost Clock 4.2GHz ...

R2,156 Ex Tax: R1,875

100-100000589WOF 100-100000589WOF-AMD-100-100000589WOF-Desktops | Laptop Mechanic

100-100000589WOF 100-100000589WOF

AMD Ryzen 9 7900x 5nm SKT AM5 CPU; 12 Core/24 Thread Base Clock 4.7GHz; Max Boost Clock 5.0GHz ;76 M..

R8,899 Ex Tax: R7,738

100-100000593WOF 100-100000593WOF-AMD-100-100000593WOF-Desktops | Laptop Mechanic

100-100000593WOF 100-100000593WOF

AMD Ryzen 5 7600x 5nm SKT AM5 CPU; 6 Core/12 Thread Base Clock 4.7GHz; Max Boost Clock 5.3GHz 38 MB ..

R4,770 Ex Tax: R4,148

100-100000651WOF 100-100000651WOF-AMD-100-100000651WOF-Desktops | Laptop Mechanic

100-100000651WOF 100-100000651WOF

AMD CPU Desktop Ryzen 7 8C/16T 5800X3D (3.4/4.5GHz Boost;96MB;105W;AM4) Box..

R7,205 Ex Tax: R6,265

100-100000909WOF 100-100000909WOF-AMD-100-100000909WOF-Desktops | Laptop Mechanic

100-100000909WOF 100-100000909WOF

AMD Ryzen 9 7900x3d 5nm SKT AM5 CPU; 12 Core/24 Thread Base Clock 4.4GHz; Max Boost Clock 5.6GHz ;12..

R11,031 Ex Tax: R9,592

100-100000926WOF 100-100000926WOF-AMD-100-100000926WOF-Desktops | Laptop Mechanic

100-100000926WOF 100-100000926WOF

AMD Ryzen 7 8C/16T 5700X (3.4/4.6GHz Boost;36MB;65W;AM4) Box..

R4,716 Ex Tax: R4,101

100-100000927BOX 100-100000927BOX-AMD-100-100000927BOX-Desktops | Laptop Mechanic

100-100000927BOX 100-100000927BOX

AMD Ryzen 5 5600 7nm SKT AM4 CPU; 6 Core/12 Thread Base Clock 3.7GHz; Max Boost Clock 4.4GHz 35 MB C..

R3,456 Ex Tax: R3,005

Acer DQ.VUYEA.00Z-Acer-DQ.VUYEA.00Z-4.71E+12-Desktops | Laptop Mechanic


Acer AIO VZ4880G 23.8''FHD Non-Touch i7-11700 4GB 1000GB HDD Wifi BT USB Keyboard and Mouse Incl Win..

R17,628 Ex Tax: R15,329

Acer DQ.VWKEA.00C-Acer-DQ.VWKEA.00C-4.71E+12-Desktops | Laptop Mechanic


Acer AIO VZ4694G 23.8'' FHD i5-12400 4GB DDR4 512GB SSD M.2 PCIe DVRW FHD IR Webcam WiFi USB KB & M..

R20,211 Ex Tax: R17,575

Acer DQ.VWKEA.00E-Acer-DQ.VWKEA.00E-Desktops | Laptop Mechanic


Acer AIO VZ4694G 23.8'' FHD i7-12700 8GB 1024GB SSD M.2 PCIe WiFi USB K/B & Mouse IR Webcam Win10 + ..

R24,469 Ex Tax: R21,277

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